This is a nice Shinshinto unsigned wakizashi or o-tanto that comes in a shirasaya. It looks to be of the Mino school and the "horse-tooth hamon resembles the works of the Kanefusa or Ujifusa smiths. It measures 13 3/8 inches or 33.95 cm. The moto-haba is 1.16 inches or 2.95 cm. The saki-haba is 1.0 inches or 2.53 cm. The hada is a very tight ko-itame almost a mu-ji hada. As noted the hamon is notare-midare with areas of uma-no-ha or "horse-tooth" hada. There is a bonji and gomabashi carved on the ura side and an open su-ken on the omote. This wakizashi is in good polish with only one very small area of some pitting near the boshi on the ura. There is a solid silver habaki.

This sword came to me as part of a large colleciton and I am selling it at a low price, basically the price of the shirasaya, habaki , and polish.

PRICE: $850.00


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