This is a wonderful example of an iron tsuba from the Yagyu school. It is a large round tsuba measuring 3 1/16 inches or 7.8 cm. Rim thickness 5.5 mm. Center thickness 5.27 mm. This tsuba is almost an exact copy of a well-known tsuba from this school that was in the Sasano collection. Sasano Sensei described this tsuba design as being of pine trees done in negative silhouette pierced into the iron plate between the rim and the center. Pine trees symbolize the martial principle of having complete awareness of an opponent's movement. A photo of the tsuba from the Sasano collection is above for comparison. The example from the Sasano collection was slightly smaller yet it sold for about $8,000.00 some years ago in Japan.

This tsuba comes with NBTHK Hozon papers attesting to the attribution and the quality of the piece. There is the strong possibility that it would get higher papers if submitted. I just purchased it in Japan where most dealers will only get Hozon papers to avoid the additional costs of higher papers. It also comes in a custom made wooden box.

PRICE: $5,500.00

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