This is a beautiful and strong wakizashi by the first generation Shinto smith, Hisamichi. His original name was Horirokurobei and he was from the Mishina school. He is one of the Kyogokaji (five excellent smiths of Kyoto). He is a Jo-saku rated smith and he first received the title of Omi no Daijo and later the title of Omi no Kami. This sword is signed with the Omi no Kami title. It dates to the Genroku era (1688). He died in 1711 at the age of 85. The hamon on this sword is typical of his works in that it is comprised of uniform gunome with wide intervals between the points. His works resemble those of Iga no Kami Kinmichi. There is sunagashi majiri and a typical Mishina boshi. The cutting edge of this sword is 21 9/16 inches or 54.8 cm. This is a beautiful wakizashi in excellent condition and in very good polish. There are no flaws of any kind in this blade.

This blade comes with certificates from both of the major sword organizations in Japan. It has NTHK papers as well as Tokubetsu Hozon papers from teh NBTHK. There is no doubt as to its authenticity and top quality.

PRICE: $5,950.00


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