This is a very nice daisho of tsuba attributed to the Owari Kinko school by the NTHK. The iron plates are very dense and amost have the feel of the Jingo school rather than the Owari school. The design is that of pine trees nestled beneath Mt Fuji which is capped with some wispy clouds. These tsuba are squarish in shape with the dai measuring 3 3/16 inches or 8.2 cm by 2 7/8 inches or 7.4 cm. The sho measures 2 15/16 inches or7.5 cm by 2 11/16 inches or 6.8 cm. The iron plates are very dense and well worked with a beautiful chocolate patina (ignore the photos on the papers that are "Flash-burned"). My photos are much better and more realistic. This is a great daisho at a reasonable price

PRICE: $ 2,500.00

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