This is a nicely mounted katana by the Settsu smith Yasuhiro. This blade is by the shodai (first generation) who is rated as a chu-josaku smith by Fujishiro. He worked around the Kanbun era or 1661. The full signature reads, BITCHU (no) KAMI TACHIBANA YASUHIRO. The ura of the nakago has a stylized Kiku mon. This smith worked in the middle of the 17th century in Settsu Province (Osaka Shinto) having migrated there from Omi Province. The hamon is a billowing gunome style choji midare with islands of temper in the ji. The hada is a tight ko-itame with masame above the shinogi. This blade is ubu with one mekugi ana and the cutting edge measures 27 7/8 inches or 70.7 cm. It has a shallow torii sori and is a wide blade with a feeling of real strength. The boshi is ko-maru with a short turn-back. The blade is in good overall polish and is ready to enjoy. There is one very small opening in the hada near the habaki but it does not detract from the overall beauty of the blade.

This sword comes in a nice set of koshirae with a black lacquered saya. The tsuba is of the Heianjo school with almost all of the brass inlay intact. The fuchi and kashira are of shakudo with Ho birds done in gold. The menuki are also shakudo with flowers done in gold. This blade comes with NTHK papers attesting to the validity of the signature, the time period of the smith and the quality of the blade.

PRICE: $6,250.00

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