This is a lovely blade made by Sadahiro. The full signature is Omi no Kami Fujiwara Sadahiro. Sadahiro was originally from Mino province and was working around 1716. He later moved to Owari and is known mostly as an Owari smith. This blade is a beautiful example of his work. It is ubu with one hole and has a cutting edge of 29 1/4 inches or 74.2 cm. The hada is a beautiful itame mixed with mokume. The hamon is a shallow and billowing notare that almost reaches the shinogi in areas. The tops of the mounds are full of activities with deep ashi extending down toward the edge. Within the hamon are clouds of nie clusters forming ginsuji and other activities. The boshi is ko-maru with a short turn-back. The sword is in excellent polish with no openings or problems of any kind.

Completing and complimenting this package are the fine set of koshirae. There is no shirasaya. This set of mountings was put onto this blade around the Meiji Era of the late 1800's. All of the metal work is done in silver with gold highlights. The fuchi, kashira, kojiri, tsuba, koiguchi, and kurikata were all done by the same artist, Ichiju. He signed most of the pieces. Ichiju was born in 1835 at Toyooka in Tajima Province. He lived in Kyoto, Edo and finally Osaka. In 1861 while he lived in Kyoto, he became a student of Goto Ichijo. It is a real treat to find a fine katana like this that is still housed in its final set of mounts that are so impressive and still in such wonderful condition.

This blade comes with old NBTHK Tokubetsu Kitcho Token papers (especially precious sword). It also has a certificate of authenticity from Shibata Mitsuo of Token Shibata, a famous sword shop in Tokyo. The fact that it would be awarded Hozon or possibly Tokubetsu Hozon papers today is without doubt and Hozon at least is guaranteed.

PRICE: $7,650.00


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