This is a real find. It is an unaltered ko-katchushi tsuba from the Muromachi Era. Most tsuba you find from this school have had hitsu-ana added to accommodate kozuka and or kogai. This one has no such additions. What it does have is a shakudo mimi-gata. It is truly incredible how they were able to put the shakudo rim around this tsuba including the boar's eyes with such skill. This is an extremely large tsuba measuring 9.9 cm or 3.89 inches by 0.8 inches or 3.86 inches. It is very thin as one would expect with a tsuba from this school measuring only 27 mm or 0.1 inches in thickness. The iron is in wonderful condition and it has a dark and rich patina from age. This tsuba comes with NBTHK Hozon papers and is in a custom made fitted wooden box.

PRICE: $4,250.00

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