This is a wonderful wakizashi by the Jo-saku smith, Nidai Hojoji Masahiro who worked most of his career in Edo. He worked around the Enpo era or 1670s. The Nidai Masahiro like his father the Shodai produced works that are thought to be on par with such mega Shinto smiths as Kotetsu. In fact his works are often compared to Kotetsu's. This wakizashi is strong and powerful with a massive point and a wide mihaba. It has a cutting edge of 19 5/8 inches or 49.9 cm. The sugata of the blade is that of a naginata naoshi with naginata hi. The large boshi, naginata shape and naginata carvings results in a blade of exceptional beauty and strength. The Masahiro smiths were the heads of the Edo branch of the Hojoji school and its foremost smiths. This blade has beautiful itame hada with many ji nie especially in the boshi. The hamon is nie deki with activities throughout. It is in excellent polish with no flaws. There is one VERY SMALL opening in the laminations but it is not significant and is not a flaw as this is just the way the blade was made. I have included a photo of it above so that its insignificance can be seen.

This blade comes with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers which attest to the exceptional craftsmanship of this blade. It also has a two-piece gold wrapped habaki and is in an old and wonderfully aged shirasaya.

PRICE: $7,250.00

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