This is a very nice wakizashi by Shinano Tadakuni.  The full signature reads Shinano Daijo Fujiwara Tadakuni.  He worked around 1624.  His family name is Yamamoto Hichirodayu and he is from the Dewa (no) Daijo Kunimichi school.  In the beginning he signed as Kunikatsu and then as Tokikuni.  In the Beginning of Kanei (1624) he moved to Inshu and changed his name to Tadakuni.  He received the title Shinano no Daijô in Kanei 11 (1634) and he died in Kanbun 6 (1666).   His swords generally resemble those of Kunimichi.  This wakizashi has a nagasa of 13.75 inches or 35 cm. It has a motohaba of 1 3/16 inches or 3.1 cm. The hada is a very tight and beautiful ko-itame. The hamon is billowing gunome-midare. The polish is excellent and the condition is wonderful. it comes in an old shirasaya with a solid copper habaki. There is no koshirae.

This sword was awarded NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers attesting to its quality and condition.

PRICE: $5,750.00


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