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This is a very fine katana by the Koto Mino smith, Kanenori.  There were three generations of smiths who signed using this kanji and I believe this sword was made by the second generation of those smiths.  It is a late Muromachi katana and the second generation worked around the Tenbun and Kôji eras (1532-1558).  This blade is not early enough to have been made by the first generation and the signature does not match that of the third generation.

It is a beautifully graceful katana with a cutting edge of 26.56 inches or 67.5 cm.  It is slightly suriage, but the signature is completely intact.  The moto-haba is 1.2 inches or 3.0 cm and the saki-haha is 0.91 inches or 2.3 cm.  The kasane is 0.24 inches or 0.6 cm.  The jitetsu is a flowing itame with clouds of very fine ji-nie that create an almost utsuri like effect.  There are areas of tobiyaki extending into the ji.

The hamon is a peaked notare-midare with togariba as one would expect on a Mino blade.  The habuchi becomes especially active in the monouchi area with areas of kinsuji and sunagashi abounding.

There is a stretched chu-kissaki indicative of the Muromachi era when this blade was made.  The very active hamon continues into the bôshi creating an almost ichi-mai bôshi with a nie-kuzure effect.

This blade comes with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers attesting the the validity of the mei and the quality and condition of the blade.

Accompanying this fine sword is a beautiful 19th century handachi style mounting with all of the metal components being made of solid silver and carved in a beautiful floral scrolling.  The menuki are also solid silver and are in the form of the family crest that matches the one in gold lacquer on the saya.  These mountings are in excellent condition.

PRICE: $15,500.00