9.22.21 admin@nihonto

We are pleased to offer this outstanding Aizu-Shôami iron tsuba that is in superb condition.  It is  described by the NBTHK as onmyôji no zu tsuba meaning a “tsuba depicting a Yin-Yang diviner”.  It is in what is known as an aori-gata shape.  The name for this shape comes from the shape of an aori which is a fur or leather saddle flap which was attached on both sides underneath the saddle and used in wet weather, kind of like mud flaps.

The tsuba is made of iron with a tsuchime (matted) finish.  The Chinese gentleman is carved in sukidashi takabori and both he and his robes are decorated profusely in gold and silver zôgan.  He is standing under a large pine tree also with gold highlights. This is a very large tsuba measuring 3.92 inches high and 3.12 inches wide.  The condition is excellent and the inlay is intact.

This tsuba comes with NBTHK Hozon papers attesting to the attribution to the Aizu-Shôami school and the quality of this tsuba.  It comes in a custom made fitted box of the highest quality.