10.30.17 admin@nihonto

Below are three shinchû 真鍮 (brass) ô-kozuka.  The top one is actually gilded in gold with silver inlay of what looks to be snowflakes blowing in the wind.  It is quite old and dates to the early Edo Era (1600’s).  It measures 4.5 inches by 7/8 inches.

The middle ô-kozuka is very interesting because of the subject matter.  It is also made of shinchû 真鍮 (brass) but the subject matter is quite martial in nature.  It has a severed head lying on the ground.  The head is made of shakudo and there is copper and silver arrow piercing it.  Lying on the ground next to the head is a short sword with a shakudo handle (tsuka) and a silver blade.  This ô-kozuka makes a real statement.

The bottom ô-kozuka is solid brass (shinchû 真鍮)and is signed by its maker on the reverse.  It is signed Fujiwara Masatsune (kao) 藤原正恒.  The obverse is covered with delicately carved clouds blowing in the wind.

The final kozuka is one of normal size to be used as a comparison piece.