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This is a beautiful katana by the first generation Hizen smith, Yukihiro. It is signed on the tachi-mei side Hizen (no) Kuni Dewa (no) Kami Fujiwara Yukihiro. The first generation Yukihiro was a second son of Hizen Hashimoto Yoshinobu and the younger brother of the first generation Masahiro. HIs given name was Kurobei. In Kanei 16th (1639) when Yukihiro was 22 year of age, he made a sword for the first time. In Shouhou 5 (1648) he received the title of Dewa (no) Daijo and in Kanbun 3rd (1663) he received the title of the Dewa Kami. In Keian 3 (1650), he moved to Nagasaki prefecture in order to study about Holland steal. He died in Tenna 3 (1683). He is a jo-saku rated smith who is very well thought of among the Tadayoshi school smiths of Hizen Province.

This is a beautiful blade with a cutting edge measuring 70.1 cm or 27 9/16 inches. It has a shallow torii sori and slightly stretched kissaki giving the blade a long and graceful appearance. The boshi is a typical Hizen boshi on the omote and slightly irregular and hakkikake on the ura. The hada is a beautiful flowing itame with ji-nie forming what is known as Hizen konuka hada. The hamon is a ko-choji midare with clouds of nie floating on the habuchi. A very interesting and beautiful blade which merits hours and hours of enjoyment and study.

It comes in an old shirasaya with a sayagaki. The habaki is a one piece copper habaki that is covered in thick gold foil. It is in fine polish and ready to enjoy.