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This is a very wide and strong katana by the Mino smith, Kanetaka. It is signed Harima (no) Kami Kanetaka. It is 2 shaku and three sun or 27 7 /16 inches or 69.6 cm. The moto-haba is 1.52 inches or 3.9 cm and the saki-haba is 1.29 inches or 3.3 cm.  There is a shallow sori which is slightly koshi sori and measures 0.71 inches or 1.8 cm. It has bo-hi (grooves) on both sides extending its full length.

The hada is a slightly coarse itame mixed with some masame. The hamon is notare midare with areas of togariba. Within the hamon are many areas of activity that are a treat for the eye.

This Kanetaka worked around Kanei (1624) and he is known for making swords with a wide body such as this one. They say his blades resemble those of Sagami no Kami Masatsune.  Fujishiro notes that there were some very superior Mino smiths from Keicho to Kanei and he says that this smith must be counted among them. This blade is in excellent polish and is in splendid condition. There is only one very tiny area right on the shinogi that could be considered a very minor forging flaw. It is hardly noticable, but I like to make a note of everything. I purposely showed this area in one of the photos above. See if you can notice it. It does not detract from the beauty and strength of this blade.

One of the things that drew me to this blade was the great set of koshirae that accompanies it. These are real utilitarian Samurai mounts that show years of use but are still in excellent condition. There are some very old repairs to the saya. When you look at the tsuka, you can see that this sword was proudly worn and used.   The menuki are copper renditions of dried fish and are quite amusing.  Please pay close attention to the photos above and you will see what I mean about this fantastic koshirae.

This sword comes with NBTHK Hozon papers attesting to the authenticity of the signature and the quality of the blade. You will also note that there is a copy of the original papers issued in 1946 by the US occupation allowing Mr Kando to possess this blade. This is a great sword and a wonderful koshirae.