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This is a very beautiful and powerful tachi from the late Nanbokucho Era (1300’s). It has been attributed by the NBTHK to Akikuni of Nagato Province (Choshu). Akikuni was the son of Yasuyoshi who migrated to Nagato from Chikuzen Province. Yasuyoshi was the son and student of Chikuzen Sa or O-Sa the founder of the Sa school. Thus, Akikuni was the grandson of O-Sa.

This sword has traces of the Sa school influence in the fine hada and in the fact that there are traces of utsuri just above the ha in the mono-uchi area on both sides of the blade. As stated, this is a very powerful sword which is ubu (very rare for a sword from this time period). Being a tachi from this time period, it has a deep and graceful koshi-sori measuring 2.23 cm or 0.9 inches.

It has a cutting edge of 72.3 cm or 28 7/16 inches. It has a moto-haba measuring 3.18 cm or 1.23  inches.   The saki-haba is 2.0 cm or 0.9 inches.  The kasane is 0.29 inches or 0.73 cm.It has bo hi (single grooves) on both sides of the blade. The hada is a very fine itame and ko-mokume mixed with nenrin hada. The hamon is a very fine and regular ko-gunome with a very bright nie guchi which is covered in ko-nie.  It is in perfect polish with no problems or flaws.  It comes with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers certifying the attribution to Akikuni and also the fact that it is of superior quality.  The more you look at this sword, the more you will find things to enjoy.