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This is a rare and large presentation Yanone, that is signed Iyeyoshi saku (家義作). It is probably from Kaga around the Kanbun Period (1660s).  Presentation yanone of this size almost never available, this would be an excellent addition to any yanone collection.

The theme is of two dragons that are carved in an intertwining position.  Near the tip of the blade, the two tails wrap around each other without touching, the tails are only 2mm thick.   To judge the quality of the open work on this type of yanone, spin the yanone on the tip and see if the open work jumps back and forth.  If it jumps the shape is not symmetrical. This yanone does not have that problem, it is a good one.

The nakago is an 17-1/4 inches (43.8cm) long, the blade is 5-1/4 inches (13.3cm) long by 4 inches  (10.2cm) wide.  The blade is 5/16”  (0.8cm) thick at the shoulder. This yanone has an impressive  overall length of 22-1/2” (57.2cm).    It has a very prominent hex shoulder with a relief in the middle, the blade is tapered at the front to a sharp edge.

The Yanone comes in a new shirasaya giving a total length is 28-3/4 inches (73cm).  Don’t miss out on this one as you will most likely seldom or never see another offered for sale.

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