9.3.17 admin@nihonto

This is one of the finest sets of fuchi and kashira that I have come across in many years. I don’t usually carry many fuchi and kashira sets, but I couldn’t pass this one up. This set is expertly and extremely deeply carved with a kashira showing Samurai riding over the Uji bridge while the fuchi shows another Samurai hiding under the same bridge. The kashira is shakudo nanako that is extremely fine.The samurai and the bridge are done in heavy gold and shakudo with a silver face. The depth of the carving is so extreme that the kashira is pierced through in several places. This type of work is extremely unusual.  It is outstanding.

The fuchi is also of very fine nanako with one side highlighted by the deeply cut golden bridge with a wonderfully detailed Samurai hiding under the bridge while holding on to it. You can see through the bridge to the water behind it. The other side has silver waves deeply carved under the bridge. There are shakudo rocks and flowers abounding on this side of the fuchi.  This fuchi is made in two parts that can be separated.  The inside sleeve is made of silver and has the waves and water.  Quite amazing workmanship.

The outside measurements of the fuchi are 4.0 cm by 2.44 cm and the inside measurements are 3.3 cm by 1.8 cm. The outside measurements of the kashira are 3.7 cm by 1.7 cm and the inside measurements are 3.3 cm by 1.3 cm.

This set comes with NBTHK Hozon papers attributing it to the Kaga Goto school. This set was formerly in the collection of the well-known fittings expert and author Mr. Fukushi and his opinion was that they were definitely made by Ayanokoji Eiho. Either way, there is no doubt what-so-ever that this is a highly unusual and extremely outstanding set of fuchi and kashira. It comes in Mr. Fukushi’s custom made wooden box.