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Kanenori was a student of the first generation Kitagawa Sôten (Munenori).  He was from Hikone in Ômi Province.  He worked around 1715-1750.  Later he worked in Gojô in Kyoto and in Edo.  His early work was in the style of the first Sôten master and while his later works show Sôten influence, his designs and subjects are more his own.  He sometimes worked in shakudô nanako plate as did the first Sôten.  His given name was Kaneishi.  He seems to have left only one dated work and it is signed Kaneishi Nomura Kanenori and it is dated Kyôhô 9 Kinoe Tatsu Ôji (1724).  The majority of the works signed with the name of this artist are forgeries, thus making these authenticated examples of his work extremely rare.

This set of fittings consists of a tsuba and a tsuka.  The tsuba is 2 7/8 inches by 2 ¾ inches.  It is made of shakudo that is very dark showing a high gold content.  It is carved in very high relief depicting Chinese sages, trees, and a horse on the obverse.  All of the carvings are highlighted with the use of gold, silver, and copper.  The obverse is signed, Kaneishi, Nomura Kanenori sei (干英子, 野村包教製).  The reverse is also carved in high relief with a house, trees, and a sage seated on a rock.  The reverse is signed Gôshû Hikone jû (江州箱根住).

The second part of this fittings set is a tsuka (sword handle) with all of the metal fittings done by Nomura Kanenori.  The motif of the fuchi and kashira exactly matches that of the tsuba with Chinese sages, trees, a river, and rocks all carved in extremely high relief with the ample use of gold, silver, and copper.  The menuki are nice and large with each one depicting two Chinese sages.  They each measure about 2 inches in length.

These fittings come in a custom made wooden fitted box which displays them well.  Each of these pieces comes with NBTHK Hozon papers which attest to the validity of the signature and the quality of the work.  I have no doubt that they would advance to Tokubetsu Hozon if submitted, but the person from whom I purchased them only submitted them for Hozon to verify that they were genuine.

PRICE: $7,500.00