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Below are two ô-kozuka that have been attributed to the Waki-Gotô school.

The top ô-kozuka depicts the battle of Dan-no-Ura which was the ultimate conflict between the Taira and the Minamoto in 1185.  It shows one of the warriors, probably Minamoto Yoshitsune, jumping from one boat to another.  The plate is shakudo with the reverse being plain.  The obverse has an edging of gold surrounding the high relief figures of the two warriors, the boats, and their cargo.  All of these are exquisitely carved in gold, silver and shakudo.  The ocean waves are carved in silver and the background is shakudo nanako.  It is like a small and detailed work of art.

The center ô-kozuka is of a similar size and it depicts a water dragon swimming beneath a bridge (probably the Uji River bridge).  The dragon is made of shakudo and the fast flowing waters are of silver with gold spots here and there.  The bridge is made of shakudo with gold edging and gold pillars extending into the river.

The bottom kozuka is one of normal size to be used as a comparison piece.